Friday, February 15, 2013

Essie Pink Diamond

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you are in or out of love, I do hope you can see the love that is all around you.

I decided to wear Essie Pink Diamond today. Though I have a nice nail stamping plate with hearts, I just didn't feel like stamping over this color. Essie describes this color as a sparkling gemstone pink. It's a frosted baby pink pearl, a throwback to the 60's & 70's, as my ma says. It's quite sheer, 2 or 3 coats will do the trick. I am a big fan of Essie in general so it's hard for me to find anything wrong with Pink Diamond. It's a very pretty, classic color. I have taken a few photographs, so you can see the color in different lights.

I took this photo with my phone a few weeks ago. Photos from my phone tend to have a lot of green and yellow tones.

I gave this an A- because it's a bit sheer, a bit streaky, but just so pretty. I wouldn't recommend it over Muchi, Muchi but it's still a wonderful color to have in your collection.

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